Much more…

  • market research
    We will make sure that this is the right moment for your company to enter the Polish market.
  • establishing business relations/ building sales networks
    We will find potential contractors for your company.
  • conducting the recruitment process
    If in short of the right human resources, we will search for the best specialist in your line of business, who will build up the sales network for you.
  • payroll service
    We will be accountable for managing employees and handling remuneration. We will attend to all the issues required by Polish law.
      • employee documentation
      • registering in offices
      • drawing up contracts
      • calculating working hours and holidays
      • settling business trips
      • compiling pay-rolls
      • calculating advance personal income tax payment and contributions for social insurance
      • organising all the trainings
      • compiling declarations
      • paying remuneration
  • ensuring a well-equipped workstation
    Your employee will be equipped with all the necessary facilities, a computer, mobile phone or company car.
  • creating Polish version of your website
    It is hard to be noticed on the market if we are not present on the Internet. We will build your website from the scratch or we will create its Polish version.
  • preparing and publishing advertisements in trade magazines
    The right press advertisement will ensure your product awareness and will help to realize your sales targets.
  • searching and organizing offices in Poland
    If your company would like to register its activity in Poland and is looking for best premises, we will help in finding the best place for it.
  • renting warehouses / insuring products
  • organising and supervising the logistics and deliveries