Large surface sales

Market share of discount stores by number location(sales surface over 300m2)

At the end of 2012, there were around 400 hypermarkets (>2500m2) operating in Poland, located mainly in shopping centers.

The most active chains are: Auchan – 26, Tesco – 84, Real – 54, Leclerc – 14, Carrefour – 87, Kaufland – 157.

There is a massive expansion of discount retailers (>300m2< 2500m2) in Poland. It is the largest hard discount food market in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the fourth fastest growing discount food market in the entire Europe. Recently, hard discount food stores have been taking on the characteristics of soft discount food stores, such as increased offerings of brand name products, a larger product range, an increased range of fresh, frozen and chilled products, and increased advertising expenses.

Main chains of hard discount food shops are: Biedronka (Jeronimo Martins) – 2150, Lidl – 500, Aldi – 57, Netto – 240, Spar – 20, Tesco – 320, Carrefour Market – 180, Intermarche – 165, Simply – 27.

There are also chains of delicatessen. Main chains are: Piotr i Paweł – 100, Alma Markets – 50 and a few smaller ones.